About Michael Wiltshire

Michael Wiltshire serves as an assistant pastor at Rose City Church in Pasadena, CA. He holds an M.Div from Fuller Theological Seminary (2016) and a B.S. from Cornerstone University, double majoring in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry. While studying at Fuller Theological Seminary, he co-led the Fuller Faith and Science student group and worked in residential community. Michael is passionate about pastoral care, and is dedicated to exploring how preaching, practical theology, and organizational systems can empower churches to care well. A Michigander at heart, Michael enjoys cloudy weather and the NBA.

Health Tip: Find Purpose in Life
Article by Jason Hamblin (2014)
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By | 2019-04-30T23:26:06+00:00 August 14th, 2017|Flourishing, Purpose, Research|

What is the Science? According to a study out of the University of Washington, living with purpose may positively affect both mental and physical health. In their study, researchers paired people 55 years and older with kindergarten students in need of academic assistance. After some time, researchers not only measured improved morale and [...]

How to Be Successful and Still Compassionate
Article by Kira M Newman, Book by Christopher L. Kukk (2017)
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By | 2019-04-30T23:30:09+00:00 August 3rd, 2017|Flourishing, Purpose, Research|

What is the Science? Can compassion lead to success in the workplace? Research into compassion, purpose, and work seem to offer a resounding, “yes.” For example, workers who receive compassion from their bosses and colleagues are more likely to improve work relationships, increase cooperation, and offer better customer relations. Other research suggests that [...]

The Four Keys to Well-Being
Article by Richard J. Davidson (2016)
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By | 2019-04-30T23:34:15+00:00 July 7th, 2017|Flourishing, Giving, Purpose, Research|

What is the Science? “Well-being is a skill.” Such is the conclusion of neuroscientist Richard J. Davidson. Davidson’s claim is based on his scientific research into the plasticity of certain neural circuits associated with well-being. According to the research, by practicing the following four “skills,” neural circuits can be strengthened, providing “enduring change [...]

Can Gratitude Make Our Society More Trusting?
Article by Elizabeth Hopper (2017)
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By | 2017-06-19T18:47:29+00:00 June 19th, 2017|Gratitude, Research|

What is the Science? While Americans may have become less trusting over the past few decades, social psychology continues to find that trust in a society brings "healthier relationships, lower crime, and even a better economy." So how can Americans learn to trust more? One study suggests that gratitude may be an important [...]

Six Habits of Highly Grateful People
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By | 2019-04-30T23:45:55+00:00 June 5th, 2017|Gratitude, Research|

What is the Science? Psychological research suggests that, when we commit to specific practices, gratitude can become a habit that increases resilience and happiness. But how exactly does one form a habit of gratitude? Jeremy Adam Smith responds to this question by listing six key practices to which grateful people remain committed: “Once [...]

The Psychology of Gratitude
Book by Robert A. Emmons and Michael E. McCullough (2016)
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By | 2019-04-30T23:48:38+00:00 May 15th, 2017|Gratitude, Research|

What is the Science? In their book, The Psychology of Gratitude by Robert A. Emmons and Michael E. McCullough weave together fourteen insightful essays on the science of gratitude, demonstrating that the virtue must be defined and explored by paying careful attention to not only the psychology, but also to “anthropology, philosophy, biology, [...]

The Power of Forgiveness at Work
Article by Brooke Deterline (2016)
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By | 2019-04-30T23:50:29+00:00 May 1st, 2017|Forgiveness, Research|

What is the Science? While the benefits of forgiveness are widely supported by two decades of research, a recent study seeks to demonstrate the positive impact of forgiveness within the specific context of the workplace. Surveying hundreds of employees across the country, the study found that forgiveness in the workplace was “linked to [...]

How to Help Kids Learn to Love Giving
Article by Jason Marsh (2010)
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By | 2019-04-30T23:53:34+00:00 April 14th, 2017|Giving, Research|

What is the Science? Research suggests that generosity can be demonstrably cultivated in children from an early age. In his article, Jason Marsh offers five science-based strategies for helping adolescents and children conceptualize and enjoy giving. Marsh suggests that adults can develop the virtue of generosity in children by: Being a role model—and [...]

Hands On Research: The Science of Touch
Article by Dacher Keltner (2010)
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By | 2017-04-25T14:02:39+00:00 April 14th, 2017|Love, Research|

What is the Science? Dacher Keltner, professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, suggests that there is a “science of touch.” In studying touch and its benefits, Keltner has observed that people can not “only identify love, gratitude, and compassion from touches” but that humans can “differentiate between those kinds of [...]

5 Tips for ‘Going Public’ as an Evolutionary Creationist
Article by Mario A. Russo (2017)
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By | 2017-02-24T20:16:42+00:00 February 24th, 2017|Cosmos, Religion and Science, Research|

What is the Science? “How do you share with a resistant audience that you accept the scientific data and still believe in the truth of the Christian faith?” In asking this question, BioLogos writer Mario A. Russo names a shared problem for many Christian pastors and laypersons alike: how does one share with [...]