Neanderthals, Denisovans and Human Speciation
Article by Dennis Venema (2011)
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What is the Science? The fossil record suggests that the majority of human characteristics emerged between 3.5 to 5.5 million years ago. One of the earliest of the genus homo lived one to one and a half million years ago. Anatomically modern homo sapiens originated less than 200,000 years ago, living simultaneous to [...]

Death and Rebirth: The Role of Extinction in Evolution
Article by Dennis Venema (2012)
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What is the Science? According to Dennis Venema, evolutionary theory is the "theory that changes in heritable variation over time can shift average characteristics of a population, and that differential reproductive success (selection) is a major mechanism for driving changes in heritable variation from one generation to another.” Or, to put it a [...]

5 Tips for ‘Going Public’ as an Evolutionary Creationist
Article by Mario A. Russo (2017)
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What is the Science? “How do you share with a resistant audience that you accept the scientific data and still believe in the truth of the Christian faith?” In asking this question, BioLogos writer Mario A. Russo names a shared problem for many Christian pastors and laypersons alike: how does one share with [...]

Why the Multiverse Isn’t Just Madness
Marcus Woo (2017)
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What is the Science? Science fiction writers have been speculating about other dimensions and universes for decades, but recently a growing number of physicists have brought this idea into the mainstream conversation. At its most basic level, the multiverse theory understands the cosmos to be made up of an infinite amount of “bubble” [...]

Are We Alone?
Article by Slate (2016)
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What is the Science? When it comes to humanity’s place in the universe, mathematics continue to support the probability that we are not alone. As scientific understanding evolves and the search for biomarkers in the cosmos presses on, humankind is left to ponder the implications of otherworldly life, reflecting carefully about our unique [...]

Miracles and Science: A Third Way
Article by Robert John Russell (2016)
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What is the Science? Ever since the Enlightenment period in the 18th century, Western Christians have largely had only two choices available to understand God’s work in the world: 1) God suspends natural laws in order to really act in the world supernaturally; 2) God appears to be acting in ordinary natural [...]

Time and The Universe

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Articles Reviewed: The Crystallizing Universe by Kate Becker (April 2010) Rescuing Reality by Kate Becker (October 2016) Other resources reviewed: Is God in Time? A video conversation by Dean Zimmerman and Thomas Crisp (December 2014) What do time and the universe have to do with the church today? Physicists have struggled to understand the nature of time [...]

The Ancient Universe and the Cosmic Temple
By J. Richard Middleton (2016)
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When the Bible was written, there was a different cosmology than in 21st century North America. The authors believed that the planets and the sun revolved around the earth, a dome above the “heavens” held the waters in, and the pillars of the earth supported that dome and contained a flat earth. Today, we [...]

From Big Bang to Accelerating Universe: The God of Creation and New Creation
Article by David Wilkinson (2013)
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While many Christians have explored the integration of science and religion, few have viewed the Christian hope of new creation in light of the long-term future of the universe. This article puts many physicists’ projection of the eventual death of all living things in the universe in conversation with Christianity, which hopes for a new [...]

The Fine-Tuning of the Universe
Article by BioLogos
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Talking about different scientific theories of the universe can be difficult for most people, let alone congregations. The anthropic principle can be an accessible way for pastors to frame dialogue about the origin of the universe. Old-earth and young-earth theories about the universe can be seen as glorifying God regardless of how God made the [...]