Gene Editing: The Next Step in Self-Evolution
Article by David Ewing Duncan (2017)
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What is the Science? What was once only in the imaginations of science fiction writers is now a reality. In 2012, scientists from Sweden and California discovered a way to edit DNA with something called Crispr-Cas9. This technique allows scientists to “cut and paste DNA” to change the genetic code of an organism. [...]

Health Tip: Find Purpose in Life
Article by Jason Hamblin (2014)
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What is the Science? According to a study out of the University of Washington, living with purpose may positively affect both mental and physical health. In their study, researchers paired people 55 years and older with kindergarten students in need of academic assistance. After some time, researchers not only measured improved morale and [...]

How to Be Successful and Still Compassionate
Article by Kira M Newman, Book by Christopher L. Kukk (2017)
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What is the Science? Can compassion lead to success in the workplace? Research into compassion, purpose, and work seem to offer a resounding, “yes.” For example, workers who receive compassion from their bosses and colleagues are more likely to improve work relationships, increase cooperation, and offer better customer relations. Other research suggests that [...]

Why You Should Get Some Rest

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Articles Reviewed: How to Be Extremely Productive Without Getting Extremely Exhausted by Thomas MacMillan (2017) Sometimes Not Working Is Work, Too by Brad Stulberg (2017) Let the Body Rest, for the Sake of the Brain by Cody C. Delistraty (2017) What is the Science? Recent research into sleep patterns suggest that getting less sleep leads [...]

Doing Something Creative Can Boost Your Well-Being
Article by Jill Suttie (2017)
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What is the Science? In popular culture, creativity is often associated with madness. However, recent research suggests that creativity is much more strongly associated with well-being. One recent study pursued this correlation even further to see if creativity might be causing well-being or if well-being causes creativity. After studying 650 young adults, researchers [...]

The Four Keys to Well-Being
Article by Richard J. Davidson (2016)
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What is the Science? “Well-being is a skill.” Such is the conclusion of neuroscientist Richard J. Davidson. Davidson’s claim is based on his scientific research into the plasticity of certain neural circuits associated with well-being. According to the research, by practicing the following four “skills,” neural circuits can be strengthened, providing “enduring change [...]