Science and Theology: Mapping the Relationship
Article by Nancey Murphy (2013)
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What is the Science? The relationship between science and religion is complicated. In the early 1900s, some conservative Christians, reacting to modernism and higher criticism, began to see evolutionary biology as conflicting with Scripture. Some liberal Christians, reacting to this science-religion bifurcation, began developing a theology that was immune to scientific advancement. More [...]

5 Tips for ‘Going Public’ as an Evolutionary Creationist
Article by Mario A. Russo (2017)
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What is the Science? “How do you share with a resistant audience that you accept the scientific data and still believe in the truth of the Christian faith?” In asking this question, BioLogos writer Mario A. Russo names a shared problem for many Christian pastors and laypersons alike: how does one share with [...]