Gratitude Contest Winner – Alex Wright

Congratulations to our 2015-16 winner of our Gratitude Sermon Challenge

We at Plpit would like to congratulate Alex Wright as the winner of our 2015-16 Gratitude sermon challenge. Below, you can watch the winning sermon and read a quick bio from Alex. We want to thank everyone who participated and we are looking forward to more challenges and community building things in the future of Plpit!

2015 Gratitude Sermon Winner – Alex Wright

Alex is a child of God, husband, father, and adventurer (in that order). He lives in Davis, California, where he has made his home since 1990. He studied Biological Sciences and Psychology at the University of California at Davis and received his Masters in Theology from Fuller Seminary. He loves spending time with his family, reading, running, cycling, kayaking, climbing mountains, cooking, baking bread, working with computers, photography, working on his car, building things, working with wood, tinkering, drawing, and doing random science experiments with his kids. He is married to Erica, who makes her living as a Marriage and Family Therapist and runs her own private practice in Davis. Prior to meeting each other, Alex and Erica both served independently as mountain guides and youth ministers. Alex and Erica have two daughters, Karis (5) and Sophie (3), who seem to be every bit as adventurous as their parents. The girls love kayaking and mountain climbing themselves and will do anything to get out of the house.

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  1. aidenkang June 1, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Congrats on winning this challenge & can I just say, “Wow!!! 25 years & 2 months at the same church!”

  2. aidenkang June 7, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    Listening to the sermon reminded me of one of GK Chesterton’s sayings where he says something along the lines that the worst moment for an atheist is when he’s really thankful but has no one to thank.

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