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Background on the project

A host of factors have contributed to people leaving the church, not least of which is that we have not prepared church leaders to adequately address the ways that science and faith can be complementary. Often insecure because of their limited knowledge about science and technology, clergy and lay leaders may remain silent where these two fields collide. Or, believing that an antagonistic relationship is the only option, they inadvertently perpetuate the separation. This leaves church members in an awkward position: do they accept strange arguments that jettison widely accepted scientific knowledge in order to maintain their faith? Do they compartmentalize their spiritual lives? Or do they secretly suspect that faith is mere sentimentalism and wishful thinking in a purely material universe?

Furthermore, Christian scientists in both the academy and industry often feel their faith has to be shelved during the workday, and their work shelved at church. At best, their non believing colleagues see faith as irrelevant to the activities of the laboratory. At worst, it is a source of bias and, perhaps, an indication that one is not a very good scientist given such “superstitions.” Likewise, their science may be regarded as irrelevant or even threatening to the life of the Church. Sadly, instead of being appreciated as a motivator behind believing scientists’ high quality work, or being seen as a rich framework through which they might positively shape the proper use of emerging technologies, biblical faith must be a silent contributor to these men and women’s vocations. Perhaps more tragically, the rich intellectual resources that scientists hold are often not received and put to use for the benefit of the Kingdom. The hope is that our plpit resources will not only extend the reach of important research that affect people around the world, but also provide preachers around the world with excellent resources that speak to their respective ministry needs and audience.